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For Sale:  Steam Engine Gauge from Steamboat C.W. Talbot


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This is a steam gauge from the engine room of the Ohio River steamboat C.W. Talbot. Gauge is in original excellent condition, 7-1/4 inches in diameter with heavy brass threaded bezel and heavy cast iron case with factory original female inlet on back. Comes mounted on a wooden plaque with eyelet for wall display. Star made this gauge with the same patent dates as long as the early 1930's. I have never seen a steam gauge that was factory-marked for a specific steamboat for sale on Ebay, though have seen a couple in museums. It would be a good idea for the historically minded to buy this and donate it to an Ohio River Museum.

Pictures tell the tale. The C.W. Talbot was built in 1929 in Midland, PA by Midland Barge Co., and was 151feet long and 34 feet wide. She carried condensing engines with a 7 foot stroke. This gauge was for the receiver, which was a steam reservoir that held the exhaust from the high pressure cylinder before it was sent to the low pressure cylinder. The Talbot carried four boilers and was owned by Union Barge Line, Pittsburgh. The beautifully framed 8x10 picture of the Talbot goes with the gauge. .

If you're not happy with your purchase, ship it back for a refund.

Price is $650 with free shipping. Local pickup available. Chattanooga TN. Contact me.



For Sale:  Buckeye Long Bell Steam Whistle


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Buckeye long bell steam whistle with 3-1/2 inch diameter bell. The whistle is 18 inches tall, not including the nipple and deck flange.  This was a very popular whistle on large traction engines. It is in outstanding condition, lacquered, and ready to blow on air/steam or display.  Long bell whistles are pretty rare, and ones in this condition are nearly impossible to find.  No cracks, dents, or repairs etc. 

$550 shipping included. Satisfaction guaranteed. Chattanooga TN. Contact me   SOLD 



For Sale:  Main Steam Gauge


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This is the main steam gauge of a Chicago & Northwestern Railway steam locomotive.  It has a heavy cast iron case and thick brass bezel that is threaded to the case.  The face is not painted black, but has the original gun-blue finish on thick brass.  The face has incised numbers and is all original with a serial number indicating 1923 manufacture. 

The diameter at the bezel is 8 1/4 inches, the standard diameter for mainline steam locomotives.  Pictures tell the tale.  The gauge is dead-on accurate in all ranges, the interior mechanism has been cleaned, calibrated and tested on a dead-weight gauge tester.  If the buyer so wishes, I can paint the pointer with a proper flat white enamel.  This one is ready for display or use on steam. 

I've seen only one other like this and it was on one of the locomotives running at the Mt. Pleasant, Iowa annual steam show. This is an all-time great railroad collectible.  

$900. Free shipping. Chattanooga TN. Contact me.










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