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Stolen Property        


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TOOL BOXES STOLEN FROM LIVE STEAM CLUB MEMBERS:  On or about March 10, 2017, person(s) broke into the covered truck bed of our 2015 blue Chevy Silverado pick-up and removed two black and red Craftsman tool boxes along with machined and rough castings for the RRSC CP 173.  The incident occurred in the San Francisco area but due to not opening the locked truck bed cover every day to verify the contents were there, we do not have an exact location of where and when the theft occurred.

 These tool boxes were filled with both a large collection of Craftsman tools and specials homemade-in short, all the tools necessary to repair our steam locomotives when in the field.  The tool boxes also contained our contact information and boiler certificates from GGLS.  The replacement cost of the store purchased tools exceed $1500 and casting had a purchase price of $1200.

 A police report was filled with the South San Francisco (California) Police Department on March 12, 2017.  Should anyone contact you attempting to sell the tool boxes or contents, or if seen on Craig’s List or Ebay, please call Michael B. Smith at (415) 558-4536 or the SSF police at (650) 877-8900 and reference police report No. 17-1515.

 Michael B. Smith
Christopher Smith
Members, Golden Gate Live Steam