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For Sale:  24" ga. (600 mm) Mogul 2-6-0

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West-style steam locomotive for sale, built by chief steam engineer Mario Pirra in Fossano, Italy.

Built in 2001 this 600 mm (2 foot) guage this Decauville reproducton is 1: 2.2 scale Mogul 2-6-0 wheel arrangement.


Length: 5250 mm
Height: 2850 mm
Width: 1650 mm
Empty weight: 5.5 ton
cylinder diameter: 158 mm
Stroke: 240 mm
diameter drive wheels: 450 mm
bissel wheel diameter: 300 mm
operating pressure of the boiler: 8 atm
Power: 60 HP 45 Kw
Boiler with a steel firebox, fusible plug and two safety valves.
Steam injector for the water supply and injector type Jiffard n.3.
The machine is fully functional and equipped with tender and carriage
trolleys with wooden case and terraces.


Length: 3400 mm
Height: 1450 mm
Width: 1650 mm
Water capacity: 2000 lt
Capacity Wood: 700 Kg
tender wheel diameter: 350 mm

All vehicles are equipped with pneumatic braking system with compressor Westinghouse - F-type pump and control valve. Locomotive + tender weight in service: 10 ton.

Documents and certifications:

Together with the convoy will sell a wagon flat 2 axes, a wagon for the mining industry, 2 locotractors Orenstein & Koppel engine VM, one in working order, various pieces of carts and 200 meters Decauville track and 2 switches.

200,000 Euros (two hundred thousand), negotiable. Located in Italy.  Contact me.









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