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For Sale:  7.5" ga. Little Engines Mogul

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We have this very nice Little Engines Mogul available for sale. This comes from an estate of a fellow live steamer.  I am told the builder got ill shortly after completion so this unit has low running time. It does show some paint scratches and scrapes mostly from running and storage. Still a nice looker. It has the following equipment:
Steam engine brakes 
Vacuum train brakes
2 each cross head water pumps
Hand pump in tender
2 each blow downs

It's coal fired with a steel boiler and more. Comes with all construction drawings and paper work from building.

$13,000.  Reduced to $10,995   Crate and shipping extra. Please email with any questions you may have. Salt Lake City, Utah area. Contact me  SOLD


For Sale:  7.5" ga. C&NW Tank Cars


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We have these two great Chicago & North Western tank cars available for  sale. These are Mountain car tank cars with dry storage in each end and can also be used as extra water haulers for your steam locomotive or fill with ice and keep your drinks cold on the railroad.

The cars are in very good condition but do show some scrapes and scuffs from use on the railroad..
These cars come complete with MCC trucks and couplers.

We are asking $1,650 each plus crate cost and shipping. If both cars are purchased together we will include crate cost. Please email with any question you may have. Salt Lake City, Utah area.



For Sale:  24" ga. Crown 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive 


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24 inch gauge Crown 4-4-0 steam locomotive available for sale,  This is a very good, complete locomotive that is in need of some TLC. The unit has been stored for several years.

Set up to burn Propane but can be changed to coal or oil with little effort.. Comes complete with Tender.. set up with two injectors for water, operating sanders, and more. No current Hydro on the boiler, but all looks good.   Note: The bell has been removed for safe keeping and will be included.

Priced low to sell at $35,000 loaded on your truck. Please email with any question you may have. Salt Lake City, Utah area.   SOLD  .


For Sale:  7.5" ga. PCS Flatcar




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I have this nice wood flat car complete with rigid couplers and arch bar trucks with vacuum brakes available for sale. Finish is fair.

$625  Reduced to $500  plus crate and shipping costs. Please email with any questions you may have. Salt Lake City, Utah area.     SOLD  


For Sale:  7.5" ga. Iron Pony SW1500 with Sound


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We have this great SW1500 electricavailable for sale.  This is a product of Iron Pony with supper nice detail.

Equipped with great sound system. Paint and graphics in very good condition. Control includes dead man switch for safety also has 8 throttle notches to simulate real operations. This unit is a great puller. Extra patterns for truck side frames, brake cyl, door latches etc.t included with the sale

Priced low at only $9,550. Crate and shipping extra. Please email with any questions you may have. Salt Lake City, Utah area. Contact me  SOLD  


For Sale:  7.5" ga. GE Dash 9 plus 2 Car Package


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Package Deal featuring a Highly detailed GE Dash 9 Locomotive 7-1/2" gauge - 1.6 scale, with 2 cars, Gas V-Twin Mountain Car Co. GE Dash 9 Locomotive, one gondola control car, one refer- power car,  Built in the locomotive & control car are the speakers, amps and controls for the ultimate Phoenix sound system. The refer-power car supply's all the power needed for the six channels of amps. It does this with a gas generator and blower cooling fan, a very large 12 volt battery & a digital auto charging charger. 

NOTE: The Dash 9, control car & power/refer car are integrated to run the engine and sound system as a set. Can Not Split.

Asking price is $19,995 Reduced to $19,500  for the set of three plus crate costs & shipping. Salt Lake City, Utah area.   SOLD  .









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