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For Sale:  7.5" ga. 4-6-2 Pacific  

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Coal fired Pacific, very good puller. Ed Perry Boiler. Four ways to get water into the boiler;

Two Superscale Econo injectors.
One steam operated water pump.
One hand operated water pump on tender.

Also features;

Two superscale safety valves, one set @ 125 psi the other @ 130 psi.
Steam operated cyl cocks.
Engine steam brakes.
Hand operated Hyd brakes on tender.
Electric head light and cab light.
Six wheel trucks on tender.
20 gallon water capacity in tender.

$25,000. This scratch-built engine can best be demonstrated here on my R.R. with some training time at the throttle too. Located in Southwest Montana. Serious inquiries. Contact me.









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