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For Sale:  7.25" ga. Locomotive, Storage rack & Loading Trolley


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7.25" ga. Locomotive, coal fired and passenger car with separate compressor for train brakes. Last steamed 2016 season at the Ottawa Valley Live Steamer in Cumberland Ontario.

Sold with elevated storage rack and loading trolley.

Due to a change in personal circumstances I have decided to sell my locomotive and passenger car. The locomotive was built by Joe Fothergill of the Ottawa Valley Live Steamers. Joe has built other locomotives which have been running at the OVLSME track in Cumberland Ontario.

I purchased the locomotive in 2015 from Joe and ran it that year. During the winter 15/16 I built the passenger car added detail to the locomotive and ran it during the 2016 season. The train is now available for inspection in Alfred Ontario.

The sale will include the collapsible storage track , loading cart and a length of rail for transport. I was carrying the train in the back of a Ford Ranger.

Condition of sale: Ex work as is , where is. Cash, I shall provide a bill of sale but will not get involved in border crossing formalities. Engine crane available for loading.

Boiler certificate 2016.

Known defects: locomotive brakes compressor needs repair.

$17,500. Reduced to $12,500    Shipping is not an option.  Ottawa, Ontario.   SOLD  









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