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For Sale:  Rail System GP38 7.5 ga Rebuilt 

  Reduced to $11,400

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I have a very nice modified RailSystem GP38 that has been rebuilt and modified up for sale. It has the following features:

Operating head lights
Operating ditch lights
Alternating ditch light with horn operation
Two operating fans
Detailed body with hand railing and grab irons
Front and back Air hoses (detail part)
2 cab mounted Air horns (detail part)
Quite muffler

The following Modifications have been done:

Installed new Eaton hydraulic system from Train Works
Replaced 2 low pressure hyd hoses
Replaced one high pressure hose
Changed out hydraulic oil
Made hydraulic tank removable
Replaced all stock truck springs
Opened coupler pockets for tighter turns
Installed new gaskets on muffler
Added charging leads routed through steps for charger (charger not included)
Painted 2 cab mounted horns
Painted hydraulic tank
Painted walkways and railing on loco chassis (Flat Black)
Touched up paint on loco cab hand rails (Yellow)

We Installed a new brake fluid reservoir but couldn't get the parking brake to work. There are minor paint chips on the right side of the back of the cab.
Outside of that, this locomotive is near new. The wheels were checked for wobble and looked fine. I do have video of this test. See below. The new hydraulics work very smooth and the Vangard V Twin 16 hp motor start with ease and runs great!




$12,000.  Reduced to $11,400 Buyers pays $50 for crating and doc fee in addition to all shipping cost. Possible delivery to SC, NC, GA, TN, KY & VA for additional fee. (TBD). Near Boone, NC.  Contact me.









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