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For Sale:  Norton CBN - Grinding Wheels 

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3- Norton CBN - grinding wheels. 7" Wheel Diameter x 1-1/4 Inch Hole Diameter x 1/4 Inch Thick, 120 Grit
Never used

$600. Buyer pays for shipping costs. Spencerport, New York.  Contact me.


For Sale:  Brake Wheel Dresser

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Used Brake Wheel Dresser For Diamond & CBN Wheels
Includes 4 -3x1x1/2 wheels and 1-5x1/2x1/2 wheel

$300. Buyer pays for shipping costs. Spencerport, New York.  Contact me.


For Sale:  Harig-Cylindrical-Grinding-Fixture

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Harig-Cylindrical-Grinding-Fixture-6"-Swing 7" Between-Centers-Model-025-100
In good working condition.,no case. I bought this used 20 years ago for a hot job.
I had to shim the tail stock (see pic ) to align centers. Never got around to grinding the head stock shoulder to eliminate the shim .
These units sold for $3,000 new.

$975. Buyer pays for shipping costs. Spencerport, New York.  Contact me.


For Sale:  Precise Electric Jig Grinder Model 1158




Precise Electric Jig Grinder Model 1158. SERIAL#1678. Like new condition-minimal use. 2-1/8 collets like new condition. 1/8- 3/16 2- 1/4 collets in wood box have face pitting from foam insert.

$900. Buyer pays for shipping costs. Spencerport, New York.   SOLD


For Sale:  Dumore tool post grinder 44-11




Dumore tool post grinder 44-11 Serial# 8473. Good condition. One of the extra spindles takes 1/8 Collet for ID Grinding- ( included ).

From the Dumore website:

All-around versatility characterizes the Dumore Series 44 tool post grinders, designed for both internal and external grinding on lathes with 8" to 14" swing
These tool post grinders are powered by a Dumore 1/14 HP high quality motor, with long life pre-lubricated bearings and two grinding speeds - 10,000 and 22,500 rpm - variable by pulley change.

$550. Buyer pays for shipping costs. Spencerport, New York.  Contact me.


For Sale:  Narex Vhu 36 Universal Boring Head


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Narex Vhu 36 Universal Boring Head. R-8 Shank. very little use, like new condition.

$600. Buyer pays for shipping costs. Spencerport, New York.  Contact me.


For Sale:  Halls Rotary Engine Castings & Prints

completed engine above is an example only

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Halls rotary engine castings and prints from Reeves models. Castings, governor balls & 3 page drawings.

length 10 1/4
height 5 1/2
width 4 1/2
flywheel 4 1/2

$350. Shipping included. Spencerport New York.  Contact me.


For Sale:  1895 Mery Explosive Engine Project


red engine above is an example of a completed engine

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1.25 bore
3.25 stroke
10.5 flywheel

This is a early version kit with a iron base not the aluminum offered now More info.

$600. Buyer pays for shipping costs. Spencerport New York.    SOLD  


For Sale:  Corliss Engine Castings from Coles Power Models


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Corliss Engine castings from Coles Power models. All castings needed: 37 iron plus the aluminum base.

Base 22x14
Bore 1-1/4
Stroke 2-1/2
Flywheel 8"
11 - drawing sheets - 23x31
4 page of notes
2 gears

$495. Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs. Weight 60 pounds. Spencerport New York.



For Sale:  Tiny Power "M" Marine Engines
"Great for 18'- 23' steamboats"


above is an example of a completed engine

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Castings and parts for two Tiny Power M engines - side crank with prints.

Here are the specs:

  • Bore: 3"

  • Stroke: 4"

  • Shaft Size: 1"

  • Flywheel Diameter: 8"

  • Overall Height: 26"

  • Length Base: 9.5"

  • Width Base: 12.5

  • Steam Inlet: 1/2" IP

  • Exhaust Pipe: 3/4" IP

These details have been machined :

  • Base surfaces

  • Standard with liner

  • bearing blocks

  • Includes bearings

Here is the Tiny Power M offical discription:

The one-cylinder "M", as designed by Charles Arnold, is the least expensive and easiest of the M series to build. The engine uses sealed ball bearings on the crankshaft and both ends of the connecting rod. The eccentrics are lubricated with Zerk fittings for grease, or can be fitted with oil cups. A common D valve is used, which never needs adjustment for wear and is self-sealing. Reverse gear is of the Stephenson Link type, well known for its durability and cut-off control of the valving. The crankshaft is a straight piece of steel pressed into a steel crank disk. The cast iron cylinder has extra large steamways cast in, which gives the steam unrestricted flow in and out of the cylinder and accounts for this engine's exceptional power for its size. Our 5 h.p. boiler will run this engine quite well. The M makes an excellent engine for a steamboat of 18' - 23' using an 18" propeller.

$900 each. Two available. Prefer buyer pick up or buyer pays for crating & shipping costs. Estimated weight 170 lb. Spencerport New York.    SOLD  









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