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For Sale:  3.5" ga. Coal Fired Tom Thumb

 Reduced to $2,000  

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3.5" ga. coal fired tom thumb steam engine copper boiler. runs at 125 psi. Pulls flat car that two people sit on. runs on raised track. When sitting on flat car legs are hanging. Has two cylinder double action steam engine. Leaver for forward and reverse also neutral so you can run engine to pump water into boiler also set up for steam injector to put water into boiler. I am a tool and die maker and made this myself. took me about two years. i went to school to get a boiler license.

When firing up the boiler I used petroleum coke as the coal. It burned nice and hot and did not produce a lot of soot which kept the flues tubes cleaner for longer period of time and did not get a lot of slag in the fire box.

I have not fired up the boiler in years but had air compressor hook up to it at 150 psi. I built the boiler. 5.5" od wall thickness 7/32" end plates riveted and silver solder fire tubes flared and solder boiler is well, built will not explode ! 

$2,500  Reduced to $2,000 Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs. Racine Wisconsin.  Contact me.









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