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For Sale:  7.5" ga. Allen Models 2-1/2" scale Chloe 0-4-2 T 

 No longer for sale

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7.5" ga. Allen Models 2-1/2" scale Chloe. Locomotive new, built, tested but never run. Coal Burner, locomotive in great shape. The locomotive has been hydrostatic tested and passed but has only been fired up once but never ran..  The locomotive construction plans go with the locomotive and they can be reviewed while inspecting the locomotive. 

Sale includes the "Tender/Engineer's Car" shown in the photo above.

$10,200.  Reduced to $9,200  Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs. Pleasant Hill, MO  Contact me  No longer for sale



For Sale:  Live steam 1-1/2" scale Narrow ga. Boiler


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Narrow gauge boiler built to 1 1/2" scale. Was originally built for a Class T 12 locomotive. The locomotive project was never completed and boiler was then planned to be a stationary boiler to run machinery such as a power plant, saw mill, machine shop or some other type operation where steam power was needed to run machines or equipment.

The boiler amd boiler tubes are copper, boiler is complete and includes pipe fitting nipple, globe valve, waterglass, safety valve, pressure gauge and siphon. Boiler was set up to use coal as the source of fuel. Age unknown but has been hydo tested and is in good condition

$620. Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs. Topeka, KS.    SOLD  .









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