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For Sale:  Three 7.5" ga. Narrow Gauge (3" scale) Drop Side Gondolas


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3" (1/4 scale) narrow gauge drop side gondola. These are models of South American ore cars, the sides have three panels that fold down, one truck on each car has manual brakes that are set by turning the hand wheel on the end of the car. Cars are equipped with Mercer 3" scale couplers. Cars are 76" long and 19.5" wide, they are very heavy, I would estimate 150# each, maybe a little more. The trucks were custom built by Willis Light Engineering in Australia and are heavy duty, each journal box is equipped with a grease zerk. The cars have rust on them and are meant to look like working narrow gauge equipment.

Asking $1,200 each, three cars available, will consider better price for all three. Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs. Magnolia, Texas. Contact me   SOLD  









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