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For Sale:  NEW 7.5" ga. 2.5" scale RMI Work Caboose

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NEW 7.5" gauge 2.5" scale RMI (Roll Models Inc.) work caboose.

New condition with newly design hinge roof for access to the inside of the caboose. Perfect for equipment or small people. It has a stained and sealed oak deck with removable side panels. Perfect for mounting a ridding seat ( available option ). This riveted side car is all welded and built to last. The car is powder coated in 4 colors and lettered for OWR&N, a UP short line, normally a $500 deluxe option at no extra cost.

As with all RMI rolling stock, this caboose has the dual scale coupler box for use with 1.5 or 2.5 couplers and has safety chains eye bolts. Available with any of our three styles of arch bar trucks with IBLS flanges or RMI-25 flanges. The car is air brake ready (optional ). Will supply free couplers of your size, and safety chains with sale. A perfect car for the conductor on yours or your club's train. 

$5,220.  Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs. Oxnard, CA.  Contact me.









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