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For Sale:  Two 7.5" ga. Ride-Inside Boxcars        



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7.5" gauge 2" scale "Ride-In" box cars. I picked these 2 boxcars up from a friend who wants me to list them for him. They are heavy gauge steel and seem to be built well. The smaller car (4 foot) seats one and the other (6 foot) has seating for four (facing each other). I would think they were built for kids as you sit inside the car. He is asking $500 each with 7.5" gauge aluminum trucks. Both cars were just sandblasted as he was going to add detail hardware and repaint them but decided he doesn't have the time or energy. He believes they were built in the late 60's and he has had them since the mid 90's. He said the trucks will need some work as they ran ok but he said they seem loose. No couplers.

$500 each. The cars are located 20 minutes South of Cleveland, Ohio and available for pickup there. They could probably be crated and shipped but that would be at the buyers expense.   SOLD .


For Sale:  7.5" ga. Davenport Switcher        


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This is a gas powered 7.5" ga. Davenport that has a belt driven transmission (forward and reverse). There is a new 6.5 HP engine installed and 2 handles, one for engaging the belt and one for forward, neutral and reverse selection. The output shaft from the transmission has a chain drive to one axle and the axles are connected via visible eccentrics and side rods. The frame is comprised of steel and aluminum stock with removable pedestal binders for each axle and wood front and rear bumpers. The body is steel bracing with aluminum panels that are removable for accessing the engine/drive bays. Both left and right sides have hinged panels in the front that allows quick access to the transmission and chain drive components.

This project was assembled but never tested or run by the original builder. I have started the engine and ran it on a test stand and noticed the side rods have an adjustable eccentrics that will need adjustment/rework as there seemed to be some binding as the wheels rotate. Overall it has the capability of being a fun little runner and a great beginner project. It is available in the Cleveland , Ohio area. It is available for local pickup but could be crated and shipped at buyers expense.

I picked this project up with intentions of completing in the future but have to many other things that need my focus so it must go.

$1,150. Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs. Cleveland, Ohio.    Contact me.









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