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For Sale:  4.75" O.S. Stephenson Rocket


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O.S. Stephenson Rocket partially completed. The steam engine is near completely built, and tender was not started. This kit was in dry storage for many years. I had the engine listed at an earlier time incomplete without tender on this site, but recently acquired the tender, assembly, parts, operation manuals, and remaining parts in the original O.S. Rocket shipping box from original owner. I went through the parts and assembly manuals, and most parts seem to be still intact in numbered bags in lettered boxes, including a large bag with wood for tender barrel.

What I did find missing are all the screws, bolts, and nuts for tender assembly. I did check with O.S. and all sizes are available in 10 packs. The U bolts for engine rear wheels are intact, but nuts for U bolt plates are missing, and these are also available in 10 packs. I cannot guarantee all parts are intact to complete the Rocket, as a few bags are open. I am sure if a part is missing, it can be scratch built.

$ 2,400. Please contact me with any questions or reasonable offers. Buyer pays for shipping costs. Hershey, PA.    SOLD   .


For Sale:  3.5" ga. O.S. Porter 2-6-0 Mogul Kit

 Reduced to $6,200  


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3.5" O.S. Porter 2-6-0 Mogul live steam set never assembled in original shipping boxes. Parts still sealed in numbered baggies, which are in lettered boxeas for assembly purposes. Complete with assembly, operation, and parts manuals, and factory track section. Thanks for your interest.

$7,400.  Reduced to $6,200    I am open to a fair offer on this great, hard to find locomotive. Buyer pays for shipping costs. Hershey, PA.  Contact me.










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