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For Sale:  7.5" ga 2-6-0 Allen Mogul, Tender, Propane Car

Construction Photos

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1.5” scale, 7 ˝” gauge 2-6-0 Mogul steam locomotive, tender and bottle car.  Locomotive was constructed from Allen Models castings, if you go on Allen Models’ webpage the mogul in the picture is this locomotive.  Locomotive is propane-fired, runs and steams great.  Boiler built by Ed Perry, first fired in 2006.  Date of last hydro was September 2016.  Was last run at Train Mountain in May of 2017.   

Locomotive and tender features:

·         Ed Perry steel boiler with copper flues.

·         Super heater.

·         Solar flow propane burners.

·         Super Scale valves and fittings.

·         2 Super Scale safety valves set @ 120# and 123#.

·         Super Scale Chicago-style injector.

·         Steam driven water pump.

·         3-Chime whistle.

·         Loco Parts blow down valves.

·         Loco Parts lubricator.

·         Steam brakes on locomotive, also includes brake valve in locomotive to control the air brakes
       on the tender and train. No compressor provided with this sale.

·         Tender is plumbed and equipped with air brakes.

·         Battery box on tender for 12-volt lighting system.

·         Tender has brass water tank.

·         Boiler water feed is by injector, axel pump, steam pump or hand pump in tender.

·         Miniature hose quick connects between engine and tender.


Propane car:

·           MCC refrigerator car with 2 – 7.5 gallon horizontal propane tanks and regulator. 

·         MCC trucks plumbed and equipped with air brakes. MCC couplers.

·         Custom painted, lettering is also painted (not vinyl).

 Asking price for the locomotive, tender and propane car is $18,000.  Located at Train Mountain.  Seller willing to deliver at Train Mountain or Maricopa Live Steam track. Seller would also be willing to deliver to any reasonable location between these two tracks.   Contact me










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