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For Sale:  7.5" ga. Cattle Car / Propane Car

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1.5 Scale 7.5" Cattle Car by Don Isom of Isomcraft set up as a Propane / water car.
This is a 1.5 Scale 7.5” Cattle Car. Car is approx. 60”. The car superstructure appears to be made of solid Oak.

A beautiful well-constructed/detailed car. The car was built by Don Isom of Isomcraft. Appears to be lightly used if used at all. Includes Railroad Supply Trucks and Couplers. This a propane / water car, with 2 new 2.5 lb propane tanks and a 5-gallon water tank to supplement tender water.
The 2 propane tanks, 5-gallon water tank and lines are included with the car. The car can be re-configured to three propane tanks with the removal of the 5 gallon water tank and addition of a 3rd tank. Propane lines for a third tank are included.

Asking $1,200 OBO for the Cattle Car. Shipping and crating are not included in the price of the car. The car is located at the Maricopa Live Steamers in Phoenix AZ.  Contact me.

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For Sale:  Railroad Supply 7.5" ga. 0-4-0 Switcher
Model of the Baldwin B&O C-16A with a leading truck added        


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1 ˝ Inch Scale 7 ˝ “gauge 0-4-0 Railroad Supply Switcher (Baldwin B&O C-16A) with a leading truck added.

  • Propane fired with pilot.

  • Superscale Pyle Headlight, Whistle, and valves.

  • Highly detailed back head with Superscale fittings and Valves.

  • Superscale Safety Valves.

  • Steam Brakes

  • Axle pump

  • 2 Superscale Chicago Injectors.

  • Current Boiler test

Built by Railroad Supply of Nashua NH in the mid 90’s, this engine was test run and delivered. Originally built as an 0-4-0, the owner then added a Railroad Supply Baldwin Mogul front truck to make it an 2-4-0. Due to various circumstances; the engine was not run for 20 years since it was test run and delivered by the builder. It was stored dry in a Den as a display/conversation piece.

In 2016, I purchased the engine and completely went through it. It has a current boiler test from October 2017. It has been run trouble free several times at Maricopa Live Steamers.

This engine has only been run 4 times since built. It’s virtually a 20 year old new engine.

$15,500 for Engine and tender. Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs. Located at Maricopa Live Steamers. Phoenix, AZ. .









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