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For Sale:  7.5" ga. NEW " Harris" MichCal #2 Shay


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For sale a new Bill Harris designed MichCal #2 Shay never fire. It was meticulously constructed and well built. The boiler is constructed of seamless steel A106 grade B pipe with ASTM-285 grade C plate. Modified to larger rolled in 7/8 diameter copper flues with a clean out plug on the bottom of the front tube sheet. Hydro tested at 400 psi for 30 minutes. Runs great on air along with the steam pump, video upon request. A home made Bailie tube roller supplied. Propane fired with a LocoParts custom made gas burner package with a duel gage low pressure regulator. The engine has modified motor mounts on the top, middle and bottom for rigidity.


LocoParts custom burner with regulator
LocoParts tender hand pump
Duplex steam pump
Steam injector
Steam brakes
2 steam lubricators
2 ea. Superscale globe and check valves for feed water on boiler.
Tom Bee couplers
Hydraulic work and loading stand with rail
2 sets of drawings

Asking, $12,000. Located near Los Alamos New Mexico. Pick up preferred, please contact me for further information.    SOLD  .

7.5" NEW MichCal #2 Shay








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