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For Sale:  7.5" ga. 4-4-2 Atlantic in 1.6" scale

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Sadly am putting up my large heavy 1.6 scale Locomotive due to my health issues never got to enjoy it. I have owned the engine since 2005 and briefly ran it for a year before restoring it completely back to its present condition.

New 3/8" schedule 40 steel boiler shell with (24) 3/4" copper flues. The powder coated engine has lots of nice (Super Scale) detailing, but still needs some minor tweaking that I am no longer do my self. The locomotive has large fire arch box and steams up good on coal and runs smooth. This engine is sprung between the two drivers (10.5" drivers) I completed it about 1 1/2 year ago and weighs in @ 800 lbs dry engine & Tender. There are over 300 photos of its restoration available. The were drivers modeled after the original proto type engine in 1948. The engine was originally built by master engine builder Wilber Kloppenburg who past away in the 1990s. This is not your typical Little Engines kit engine. The boiler was hydro @225 PSI and the muffled Super Scale Safety's set @ 124 & 125 psi. I have only fired it 6 times on coal since the new boiler on (LBS8000 used).

Working class lights from a Mosley steam generator.
Super Scale White sanders plumbed but not working at this time
Battery operated headlight and cab lights.
Olencamp injector
Axle pump
Hand pump in tender.

Reasonably priced at $29,000 Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs. Flint Michigan 48446. I will do my best assist the new buyer with its deployment.... I prefer pickup in person..... buyer pays all shipping costs . Can deliver within 100 miles of Flint for a small fee. Contact me.









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