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For Sale:  1870's Thresher


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Here is a very rare 1870's Thresher. It was built by the Doylestown Agricultural Works co. in Doylestown, PA. This is a small thresher with the following dims. 13'6"long (without the tongue) 7'6" tall, and 6'6" wide. It probably weighs around 3000#'s. The thresher was built to be operated by the left or right side. This particular model won the 1st place prize at the 1876 Worlds Fair. It was restored in the 1980's and it is ready to go. .

 $12,500. Feel free to make an offer.  The thresher is in MN and we will be taking it to TN shortly after Jan 1, 2017.  Contact me.


For Sale:  1" scale Buffalo Springfield Steam Roller


  Reduced to $6,500


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1" (1" = 1' or 1/12 scale) Buffalo Springfield Steam Roller built by Paul Smeltzer and Birk Petersen in 2001-2002. The builders took original Buffalo Springfield plans and scaled them down, then made patterns, castings etc. They only built 2 of these engines 1 for each of them. Birk has sinced passed and his engine is in a museum in Corona, CA. The engine has grates and can be fired from wood or coal. The engine has never been steamed but it has ran on air many times.

This is a true museum piece and the build was documented in the Nov/Dec 2002 Live Steam Magazine. The engine is 33" long x 11" wide annd 24" tall it weighs appx. 100#'s. The attention to detail is amazing on this engine.

 $16,000   Reduced to $6,500  OBO I will assist with shipping and the engine is located in Lubbock, TX. Contact me.


For Sale:  Steam Launch


 Reduced to $14,500


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The boat is a 24.6' steam Launch. The boiler is a code boiler and it comes with all the paperwork. The boat trailer has new tires and will be ready to be picked up after Nov. 1. . It is a fiberglass hull with wood planking. Feel free to make an offer.

$17,500 OBO   Reduced to $14,500. It is located in Pineville, Oregon. Feel free to contact me to make an offer or if you have any questions . 


For Sale:  Modified Breisch Associate Opposed Cylinder Model

 Reduced to $1,600   

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Here is a nice engine that could use some cosmetic work. The engine started out as 2 Breisch Associated model casting kits and the builder married them together. The engine was shown over the years at many shows and it should not take much to get it running. It is a heavy engine and it will weigh around 100#'s once crated. 

$2,000  Reduced to $1,600   OBO The engine is in Americus GA. Feel free to make me an offer. Contact me.









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