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For Sale:  Union Pacific Railroad Sign


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Union Pacific Railroad cut letter sign was salvaged from The Union Pacific building here in Omaha NE.

These signage letters came from the old corporate building. They hung of the door to the entrance of the old Union Pacific Railroad museum that was housed there until 1996. When they were taken down they were put in storage by Norma Hilt. Norma stored them at her art gallery for 20 years when her art gallery closed. During the closing the letters were given as a gift to an employee.

$3,999. Crating & shipping charges not included. Omaha, Nebraska. Contact me.


For Sale:  Semiphore Signal Arm



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Semiphore signal arm some enamel loss.

$150 obo. Crating & shipping charges not included. Omaha, Nebraska    SOLD   .


For Sale:  Working Intermediate Signal  

 Reduced to $899


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 Working signal lights from American Railroad Signal Co. Includes everything: 8' post and number plate, relay, transformer, padlock with key.

$1250  Reduced to $899  Crating & shipping charges not included. Omaha, Nebraska  Contact me.









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