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For Sale:  Penberthy 3/4" Injector


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Used Penberthy 3/4" Injector.  Very good condition. Was removed after four months as was not properly sized for the application. The delivery jet plug on the bottom of the injector has a hole drilled and tapped for an external valve.

Includes (3) tailpipes, (3) union nuts, (1) water filter, (1) injector, and (1) tailpipe tool.

 $875 Shipping included. Contact me.


For Sale:  Penberthy 1" Injector



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1" injector, with three tailpipes, three union nuts, one water filter, one injector, one extra undrilled delivery jet plug, and one tailpipe tool.

Asking $1300 shipped. Please use the pic on my ad that does not have red caps on the ends.

 Contact me.









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