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For Sale:  Pyle National Steam Generator  

Reduced to $3250


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 Pyle National steam generator serial #196, KW-3, Volts 120. This generator was used on a steam operated pile driver on the Mississippi River. Before that it was owned by the United Stated Corps of Engineers and was probably utilized on a steam operated dredge boat or on one of their paddle wheel steam boats in the New Orleans District of the Mississippi River. The generator has been in storage for 30+ years. It turns by hand, we make no guarantee for its operation. It is missing the cover of the electrical outlet.

$3,900.  Reduced to $3250   We will place it on a pallet and will assist in loading it on buyers conveyance at no charge.  Price does not include the actual cost of shipping.  Located in Ste. Genevieve county, Missouri. Contact me.









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