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For Sale:  Kid's Train Ride 



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 Kid's Train Ride. There are 29 pc of rail, there is also two update kits as you can see, to change the loco looking ones to space ones, if that make sense! Those are the pieces in front of the picture.

Get the whole works for $6,500 Canadian.  Reduced to $6,175 Canadian Dollars     That's about $4,700 US Dollars. Located in Lethbridge, Alberta Canada.    SOLD  .


For Sale:  9.5" ga. Train with Cars 


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 Steam loco (coal), tender, drop gondola (wood) and caboose(wood). Boogies have been rebuilt. Tender has been taken apart and partially rebuilt. Steam loco is kind of rough, but many people tell me it use to run in Formost, Alberta Canada.

This would make a great electric or gas powered train if converted.  Sorry, no track.

If you're wondering if it can be regauged.  Yes.  I don't know but I'm told that anything can be regauged given the proper machine shop and experenced machinest and money. I have no idea what that would cost you so don't even ask. Check with a machinest in your area.

$2,500. Located in Lethbridge, Alberta Canada.  Contact me.









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