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For Sale:  2" scale Fowler Z7 Compound Ploughing (Traction) Engine

 Reduced to $12,500

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Up for sale is a Very Rare 2 inch scale Fowler Z7 compound ploughing engine built to the highly detailed John Haining's "Superba" design. This ploughing engine is the work of a prolific engineer who has worked on many other engines including very complex detailed locomotives, stationary, and portable types.

The engine is silky smooth to push along. It's run well and steam freely at low pressure. It has been steamed on a few occasion by the builder but largely on display. The engine has TIG-welded copper boiler with 90 psi working pressure, feed by injector and mechanical pump. Cylinders are cast iron with slide valves actuated by Firth radial valve gear. It also has the mechanical lubricator.

It's a monster engine, even in 2 inch scale it's huge, over four feet long and a four man lift. There aren't many completed 2" Fowler ploughing engines in the world, and certainly not in such high level of working details. An engine like this would take a life time to build.

Note: full size drawing plan and working lamps front & rear are included in this sale.

Asking: $19,500.  Reduced to $12,500    Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs from Huntington Beach, CA. Contact me.

For Sale:  Exhibition Quality OB Triple Expansion Engine
(You won't see something like this for sale again)

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Up for sale is an exhibition standard Model O B Bolton Triple Expansion Reversing and Surface Condensing Marine steam engine with air pump. This engine was built by a highly experienced model engineer that has his name on many engines showing at the Model Engineering Exhibition in London over the past decade.

The model is built to a very high quality and distinctly its self-starting at very low pressure (~3 psi) in both directions. This engine is rather rare, intricate and impressive as most triple expansion engines are display as builder have found it difficult to get them running on low pressure, certainly not at ~3 psi.

The engine with cylinders 7/8th in. 1-1/4 & 1-3/4 inch bores by 1-1/4 inch stroke, cylinder head pressure relief valves, drain cocks and pipes, IP valve spindle tail shaft guide, main stop valve, hand wheel and worm gear operated Stephenson's link reverse, frame incorporated slipper-type crosshead guides, LP crosshead driven air pump, six main bearings with oilers, disc drive wheel, rear frame mounted condenser and pipework, cast bed and polished hardwood base. The model is finished in green paintwork with polished bright work. Width 11 inch x Height 8.7 inch.

Here is a video I recently made:


$10,000. Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs from Huntington Beach, CA. Contact me.


For Sale:  1/12 Scale Windermere Steam Launch

 Reduced to $7,000

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1/12 Scale Model Windermere Steam Launch (52" x 11")

This is a complete scratch built 1/12 Scale Model Windermere Steam Launch named the Lady Nicole. It was built by Mr. Alan Luckett who has won numerous competitions for his super wood work at Windermere Steam Boat Festivals, Blackpool Shows, and Model Boat Convention. His boats are second to none.

This particular model has no expense spared, the hull is gel coat fiberglass with no maintenance problems. It has won the many awards in gold and silver, as well as best in shows and many more. It is built to a very high standard with working lights and etc. This boat is equipped with Hemmens Max II steam plant (very rare collectable, and highly sold after). The steam plant in this boat is relatively new it has not been broken-in yet. The boiler is fed by a water feed pump supplied from the tank in the bow. With all that, the steam plant is already worth $6,000 alone!

The quality of this boat can't be seen anywhere. This is second to none. It is an eye catcher on any lake. This boat is by far the best I have in my collection.

CONDITION: This boat is a private collection, some minor wear and tear is very normal. The boiler and engine are still in 100% working condition. Servos and Receiver are still like new.

Watch this short video made not too long ago:


$9,500.  Reduced to $7,000 Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs from Huntington Beach, CA. Contact me.


For Sale:  Exhibition Class Steam Plant

 Reduced to $4,000   

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Up for sale is a magnificent . This steam plant was built by a world renown models, Martin Baylis. It has an incredible set up and finish. It has only been steamed 2 or 3 times.

Martin Baylis Triple Complete Steam Plant comprising of a Kingdon style vertical boiler (extremely rare), three cylinder steam engine, engine driven feed pump, gas tank, oil separator tank and feed water reservoir. The unit is mounted on an anodised aluminium plate with rubber feet.

Here is a short video I made couple months ago:

$5,900.  Reduced to $4,000   California. Contact me.


For Sale:  Fenby Corliss Engine



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 Up for sale is the Fenby Corliss Valve Engine built by Anthony Mount himself, a world-renowned model builder. This model is built to a very high standard, an accurate representation of the Fenby Corliss Valve built by Greenwood and Batley of Leeds in 1880.

Model is exceptional in build quality from the engine itself to the base that it sits on. Every single nut and bolt is hand fabricated by Anthony Mount. Needless to say it beautiful in every way.

Below is video of it running recently, as you could see the engine self started at very low pressure and ran beautifully.

Height: 10 1/2"
Width: 23 1/2"
Depth: 13"
Flywheel diameter: 9"
Weight 30 Lbs.

 $4,500. California. Contact me  SOLD  


For Sale:  Exhibition Standard Table Beam Engine



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Exhibition standard table beam engine, a superb showpiece – perfect for displaying in a large room or hallway – has the “WOW” factor. It’s built by the late John G. S. Clarke, a world-renowned designer and builder of the original Polly 5”gauge locomotives that has been sold worldwide.

This is a very special piece as every single part including nuts sand bolts are custom fabricated per the drawing of Anthony Mount. There no materials or casting were supplied for this engine. I suspect that there may be only two of this Farcots Table Engine in the world; A. Mount himself built the other one.

Measures: 23" long, 14" wide, 22" high.

$3,950.  California.   SOLD  .


For Sale:  1/6 scale Burrell Gold Medal Traction Engine



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2 inch scale Burrell Gold Medal tractor

Up for sale is an exhibition standard 2 inch scale Burrell Gold Medal tractor, built over a ten year period by a highly experienced engineer. A tractor with this quality is very rare. This one is my favorite tractor, it currently lights up a shelf in my office but the arrival of something large and magnificent means that I've hit my toy quota and something has to go. 

Overall Length: 30"
Overall Height: 19 3/4"
Overall Width: 12"
Diameter of Flywheel: 6"
Weight: ~85 lbs

Commercially built silver soldered copper boiler by R.Chambers, 80 psi working pressure. Cast iron cylinder with slide valve actuated by Stephenson's gear, pole reverser. Mechanical lubricator, Pickering governor and whistle mounted on cylinder block. Water lifted mounted on offside belly tank. Three shaft, two speed transmission with differential, winch behind nearside rear wheel with fairleads on tender. Flywheel brake and screw down parking brake acting on rear wheels.

Test steamed when first built, it has been run on air since. Nicely painted and well detailed, it's even got a scale hammer in the toolbox.

Here is the video of its last run:

$9,000.  Reduced to $6,500  California. Contact me.



For Sale:  Whitmore Fixed Steam Engine  



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Whitmore Fixed Steam Engine measures: 12"long, 14"wide, 11"high.

This engine is an exhibition standard and built by John G. S.Clarke, the designer and builder of the original Polly 5”gauge locomotives - sold worldwide - in both kit and fully assembled form, from their premises in North Wales.

It is built from drawings by Anthony Mount based on the original 1870 s engine, the base of the engine being of circular form and supporting a single cylinder with steam valve on top operated by an eccentric linkage from the centre of the engine. The twin belt drive wheels are mounted horizontally on a table supported by reeded columns with matching column supporting the watts type speed governor having shut-off linkage to steam inlet. The engine has an unusual vertical crank shaft with cross-head guides and brass oiler cups. The original engine was designed by Whitmore and Sons of Wickham Market, Suffolk, and was exhibited at the International Exhibition at South Kensington in 1862, where it gained an exhibition prize medal.

$2,750. California.    SOLD  .









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