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Aermotor For Sale
For Sale:  16' Fan Aermotor Windmill  


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  I am selling my NOS HUGE !!!!!Sixteen ft. fan size, Aermotor windmill . in excellent,new shape! Model # F702!!! Gigantic!!!

This is the biggest Aermotor Windmill they made and is a bigboy toy!!! The motor alone weights in at 1200 lbs. without anything else mounted to it (please notice the people climbing on the wheels or standing on the platform) !!!!!

It's 100% complete with brand new 33ft. factory Aermotor 4 post tower complete with anchors too and still bundled together!!! Also notice the pictures with big 16ft motor and parts next to 8ft aermotor parts. I have two tails to choose from! One still in the crate.

Would look fantastic at your ranch entrance or by a big barn or wooden water tank and it would be the biggest windmill around!! This outfit has never pumped a drop of water!!! Like New!!!! Local pick up only and bring a big trailer as it takes two men just to move one wheel section!! WHEW!!

List for around 27.000 but will sell for $14K OBO. reply   to the link of this add with a good phone number and time to call, if you want it! Located in Denver, Co.  Contact me.


For Sale:  Northern Pacific Railroad GRS Semaphore



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 Authentic Northern Pacific Railroad Semaphore signal made by GRS Minneapolis. In excellent condition!  This signal is the shorter and much rarer cantilever style which was mounted on over hanging steel trusses.    All inside the gear case is in superb condition, well oiled and all connections look near new and could be easily put back into service. All lenses are glass.

 $3,500. Located in Denver, Co.  Contact me   SOLD  









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