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For Sale:  15" ga. 1904 Cagney, Tender, Cars, Track       

Above is one of several Cagneys in use at the World's Fair.

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Full steam 1904 Cagney engine, tender, and cars. With the help of Nick Wantiez this engine was authenticated and certified to be a St. Louis World Fair engine. This is the only engine that has engine breaks added to it, which means when you stop this engine will not rollaway from you. All cars are air break controlled.

This engine will be sold with 1000 ft. of 2-inch profile aluminum track, two number six switches, two standard gauge switch stands, as well as several related railroad items. The first car is a passenger combination car, built to 5/12 scale, meaning you can ride inside of it.

The Caboose is also built to 5/12 scale, which accommodates children in the cupola.

Serious offers only, this engine can be steamed up and viewed at anytime.
$100,000.  Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs. Aurora, CO.  Contact me.










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