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For Sale:  7.5" ga. SD 6 Axle Locomotive Project 



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Early RRSC fiberglass SD shell, has a little bowing out at the bottom from sitting in the shed for years, not really a problem. Whatís pictured is what is available. This is not a bolt-together kit.  This is the beginning of a build with some of the most difficult parts to to start with.  For example, there is no frame.  Also the trucks will need wheels, axles, bearings, brake rigging, drive system so if you think you can work with these parts to build this locomotive, this is the project for you.

Highly detailed parts listed below.  If you don't see it, it's not part of the package.

  • Steve Tune SD Trucks

  • Tons of detail items

  • 3 chime horns

  • Headlight kits with visors

  • Arm rests

  • Various side vents

  • Brake vents

  • Doors

  • Roof air conditioner rubber pattern from backyard rails

  • Two RRCS roof vents

  • 5 screens to build your own custom vents

  • I also have a hydro pump not pictured that is included!

Also Included:

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Two "unassembled" cars to be included with the sale at the same price (see below). I have a Titan Trains Double Door box car kit, and a 53-1/2 foot Precision Steel Car steel gondola kit. Both are unassembled and have NO couplers or trucks.

$3,000.  Reduced to $2,500 FIRM!   Will Not Split Up! Shipping is not an option unless you arrange it. If youíre out for a Maricopa Live steams meet, you can arrange to pick it all up then. I have no problem holding the item here until youíre ready to pick up. Contact me   SOLD  


For Sale:  7.5" ga. Gene Allen 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler Project  


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I bought this kit a few years back with just a few of the items having been machined. Iím a retired machinist and my desired hobbies have changed. So, here is a great chance to get a great head start on a 4-6-0. This is what Iíve machined since I purchase the kit.

The complete front truck assembly, the main frame assembly, disassembled for powder coating, axles are quartered, wheels broached and crank pins installed, journal boxes etc. All of the machining I have done was completed on tool room equipment, mill, lathe, and jig bore. I can tell you that what Iíve machined is right to the Allen blueprints. Now, the prior owner did some machining like the pilot holes on the tender wheels, machined the cross slides, piston rods, steam chests, and some of the side rods bearings, and the break rigging looks like it came off an used engine. I have not inspected those items and really canít tell you the quality of his work.

Only castings missing that I see are the brake cylinders castings. I have also purchased a lot of accessories for the engine that are included listed below. Plus a full set of plans are included. Shipping is out of the question. If youíre down for the fall meet at the Maricopa Live Steamers you can come by and pickup the kit. I'm just a few miles away from the track.

Allen 4-6-0 engine and tender castings, some machining done
Self closing cylinder cocks
Drifter valves
Left and right hand blow down valves
Brake stand
RRSC Marker light kit
RRSC Bell kit
Steam generator casting set
Pressure gage and pipe
Twin outlet cylinder oiler
Two tender water valves
Various turret valves and boiler check valves

I will not sell off parts. Must be purchased in one lot.

$4,500.  Reduced to $4,000  Phoenix Arizona. Email any questions or for more photoís.  SOLD  .









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