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For Sale:  8 Machined Wheels for 7.x" ga.  



Set of 8 machined Cast Iron Wheels for your next 7.x project . Wheels are 4"ire diameter 4 3/8 flange diameter and have a 5/8" reamed center hole for a press fit onto axles.Wheels have been machined to IBLS standards and have a 1/8 face hub and a 1/2" rear hub.

Set of 8,  $200 + $20 shipping anywhere in the USA. Pay via Paypal please. Whitehall, Pennsylvania. Contact me.



For Sale:  Large Scale Steam Whistle  




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Large scale steam whistle, hand machined by a master, truly beautiful no scratches or dings.  About 2" in diameter and about 7" tall. I purchased it for a project that never came about. I consider it to be in new condition.

Asking $ 125 including shipping payment by paypal. Located in Whitehall, Pennsylvania.











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