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For Sale:  7.25"- 7.5" ga. Reading Camelback 0-4-0 Castings



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  I have sets of Reading camelback 0-4-0 castings available. I have eight sets.

This is a proven design. Anyone who owns or built one could testify to that fact. The castings are either bronze or cast iron of good quality.

They will be supplied with a set of drawings and I will be available for questions by email or telephone. I have enough castings to build a running chassis. I will be making additional castings to complete the locomotive that will be available to the buyers of the kits.

I will offer a boiler as well. The price listed will include shipping in the lower US only. I'm not offering the casting set to foreign countries as it would be very costly to ship.

The price for the castings shown is $1,800  Reduced to $1,100  including shipping in lower US. I Will offer laser cut frames for an additional $200  Reduced to $150   per set including shipping. Located in New Jersey.   SOLD  .









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