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For Sale:  Mountain Car Union Pacific wireless Remote Control GE Dash 9  mother- slug locomotives, 1.7" scale, 7 1/2" ga.

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This is a very nice mother / slug locomotive set. The Locomotives are smooth runners and strong pullers, pulling 77 cars easily ! A Briggs Vanguard V twin 16 HP engine drives an Eaton hydraulic pump in the mother unit, which then supplies hydraulic power to the slug as well, so all 12 axles are powered. Each loco weighs about 800 pounds, so they will pull a lot of cars.

They are controlled with MCC's wireless remote control system, which is a really nice feature. It works great for switching and building your train. It's also great to not have to push on the manual stick controller or be tied to the locos by an electric controller, and to have the flexibility to run the locos from either end, not just one fixed position. The locos are unique in the fact that they are 2 of only 3 locos built by MCC with the rotating axle bearing caps on the trucks. The locomotive also has a second auxiliary fuel tank, so you can run all day without having to stop for fuel.

• Briggs Vanguard 16 HP V twin gas engine
• Eaton hydraulic pump, powering a hydraulic motor on each truck
• Hydraulic oil cooler with twin cooling fans
• Wireless remote control for convenient and flexible operation
• Gauge dash panel for monitoring locomotive functions
• Unique rotating axle bearing caps on the trucks
• Large auxiliary fuel tank for increased run time
• Nice sounding air horn
• Very nice Lee Wright ditch lights
• Snow plow
• Electric fuel pump to fill the gas tank, so there is no mess
• Remote battery charging cable - no need to remove locomotive body to charge the battery

Here's a Youtube video showing the locomotives running wirelessly. These are great locomotives that are a pleasure to run with all the power you will ever need.

$27,500  Reduced to $26,000 for the set. Can not split up for sale.

Don't wait for 2 years for delivery. You can pick the locomotives up here, near LaCrosse, Wisconsin, or I may be willing to deliver them for travel expenses, or shipping at buyer's expense.  Contact me.









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