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For Sale:  7.5" ga. Seaboard Drop Center Flatcar 


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 7.5" ga. Seaboard Line Drop Center Flatcar Professionally manufactured:

- 6í long, 160 lbs.
- Four wheel MCC modern style trucks will roller bearings
- Operating couplers with bottom access knuckle locking pin
- Safety chain eyes installed, one safety chain included
- Two folding seats, one swivels (If storage box is unbolted, both seats can swivel)
- Storage box with hinged lid
- Seats and storage box can be unbolted and removed if wanted
- Excellent paint finish has few scuffs & scrapes and SAL graphics
- Very sturdy with low center of gravity
- Car provides very comfortable ride for passengers

Ready-to-go, ready-to-roll, lots of features, and in great condition. Contact me for more photos or more information about the car. In-person-pick-up, delivery, or crating/shipping options

$1,000 and itís yours! Fayetteville, NC. Your inquiry will get a prompt reply. Thanks for looking!









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