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For Sale:  7.x" ga. Hooker Tank Car 



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Two-tone Hooker Chemical Tanker.  69 " long, 16" wide, 18 1/2" tall. Weight is approx. 90 lbs. Trucks and couplers could be added for an additional fee. D-rings are attached to both ends for safety chains. This tanker is scratch-built, welded-construction. All detail is custom made.

Asking $1,500. Couplers & trucks are not included. Crating and shipping charges are not included. Located in Dickson City, PA. Contact me with any questions.    SOLD  


For Sale:  7.x" ga. Railgon Steel Gondola Car 



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Gondola is 80" long, coupler to coupler. 16-1/2" wide. 14" tall. Trucks to seat base, 18". Seats are bolted in place and removable, and can be placed in either direction. Floor in the Gondola is a non-skid surface. This Gondola is scratch-built, welded-construction, and all detail is custom made. Seats are hand-made with steel-welded frames (very strong).

 $2,200. Couplers & trucks included. Crating and shipping charges are not included. Tell me your location and I'll send you a quote on shipping. Located in Dickson City, PA. Contact me with any questions.    SOLD  


For Sale:  7.5" ga. Tank Car 



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This New tanker is home built. Welded construction. Most of the detail has been hand made. The finish is automotive base coat clear coat. Vinyl graphics. Comes with trucks and couplers.

It's 16" Wide, 22" High, 64" Long coupler to couple. This is truly a one of a kind. I don't build duplicates. This tanker was inspired by a tanker I recently saw at Steamtown Historical Park in Scranton, Pa. I have a lot more detailed pictures of the tanker finished and of the construction. If you have any questions please ask. Thank you for your interest. 

$1550   Reduced to $1,000, including crate.    Local pick up would be great but I will ship.  Shipping charges not included. Dickson City, PA.  Contact me.


For Sale:  7.5" ga. Bulkhead Car & Submarine 



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This is one of a kind (I don't duplicate). It is mostly handmade except the wheel trucks, couplers and coupler hoses. It is all welded construction, base coat, clear coat automotive paint, and vinyl graphics by Highball Graphics. The couplers and trucks are included. Pallet wood decking is attached to a steel deck with all-weather construction adhesive. Length coupler end to coupler end 74" Width 16 1/4" Height 24" I am a retired fabricator who enjoys creating unique train cars. This is a drop center bulkhead car carrying a mini-submarine. The USS Trepang (SSN-674), a Sturgeon-class attack submarine is the first sub I worked on when I served in the US Navy. Submarine may be removed from the car. It is held on by two studs welded under sub-mounting brackets. The nuts go under the car to hold it into position. The submarine is also scratch built. Please let me know if you have any questions at all. Thank you for your interest and consideration.

$1,800.  Reduced to $1500, including crate.  I prefer local pick up but I can crate and ship.  Shipping costs at the buyer's expense. Also I may be willing to deliver a few hundred miles at a lesser rate than shipping. Dickson City, PA.  Contact me  SOLD  









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