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For Sale:  Two 36" ga. 8 ton Vulcan Plymouths




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 Two 36" ga. 8 ton Vulcan/Plymouth locomotives from the Hutton Brickyard, New York.
One is a 1953 Vulcan gasoline with Hercules engine, the other is one of the oldest known Plymouths in existence, dated early 1900's, with builder's plate still intact. I bought both of these for a project on my farm, but am deciding that I have other things more important in my life to take care of at the moment. Not only did I purchase to restore, I purchased because they have history behind them. This type of equipment doesn't become available that often. Both are original 36" narrow gauge, Plymouth has a diesel Hercules engine, most parts are there for both, but you may need to search or fabricate what you can't find. I am listing them lower than what I purchased them for. If you're any type of railroad buff, this is great not only from a project standpoint, but also in restoring pieces of history.

 Reduced to $3,500 for the Vulcan and $1,500 for the Plymouth or $4000 for both locomotives.   Would prefer to sell together.  Local pick up only.  Pickup can be anytime, whatever works. Please ask questions? I will be more than happy to offer any assistance if I can. Located in Benedict MD. Contact me.









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