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For Sale:  Brand New 7.5" ga. Tom Bee 2-6-2 Electric 
Top Of The Line!


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A brand new 7.5" gauge Tom Bee Electric 2-6-2 Locomotive! This gorgeous engine is built to 1.6" scale and has only about 45 minutes of running time…it is brand new! The engine is powered by 6 Duracell deep cycle batteries tucked nicely inside the tender along with the fully computerized automatic charger. Just plug the charger into the wall and the batteries will be kept topped off and ready to roll. It is estimated the six batteries will run the engine for about 35 hours non-stop, without a recharge.

As most of you know, Tom is a legend in the industry, renowned for his craftsmanship and wizardry. When he designed and built his first electric locomotive, word spread quickly and people jumped in line to get one and there is now a 2+ year waiting period for one.

Everything is constructed in heavy gauge steel and the detail work is perfect. The full function controller is extremely easy to operate…what you'd expect from a Tom Bee product. There are Tom Bee Trucks, of course, air powered brakes, and the latest Phoenix sound system, and much, much more.

Tom's engines are already prized collector's items. This is the ninth engine Tom built…Number 9. It is fully rust protected and professionally painted. Even the domes on top are gold-plated. The only thing missing are decals. Don't like the happy Disneyland colors? You can easily repaint the locomotive in any color scheme desired.

Here's a video of Tom with an identical engine pulling 28 cars Youtube video.  Here is a close-up of an identical engine pulling 24 cars Youtube video.

There are many more photos, just ask. Use the form below with your email address to contact me.  Include your phone number please. Tom will be happy to speak to you. The engine is in Southern Oregon and is about 90 minutes from Train Mountain.

$14,900.  Reduced to $13,900   Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs. Ashland, OR.
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