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For Sale:  1" scale, 4.75" ga. Hudson & Tender


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For sale is a 1" scale, 4-3/4" ga. Hudson locomotive and tender.   We purchased this engine from a gentleman named John Lukasavage and his son John Jr. (well known builders in the railroading community) who did a full restoration on this engine a few years back.   They ran it regularly at the Pennsylvania Live Steamers and other clubs.   The engine steams great and is a great puller.   We purchased the locomotive with the intent to put a 4-3/4" ga. track inside of our 7-1/4" ga track, but never constructed it.   The Hudson acted as a display piece for the past few years, as we never ran it since owning it.  The engine was sent to  Godschall's Custom Machining around 2012 for a tune up, where he re-timed the running gear to perfect operating condition.   I don't know the full history of the locomotive off hand, but I can get in touch with John Jr. if anyone had questions on it, as he is more familiar with the locomotive than I am.  

Some basic features:
  • Dual cylinder steam operated water pump
  • Steam Injector (Superscale economy I believe)

  • Emergency hand operated water pump in tender

  • Operating headlight via 12V hobbico battery in tender

  • Steam operated brakes

  • Coal fired

  • 3 removable coal grates

  • Hinged cab roof for ease of operation

  • Seat cushion and foot pegs on tender

  • Water lines equipped with quick disconnects between engine and tender

The engine and tender combined are roughly 9 feet long.   The engine is light enough for 2 guys to pick it up and put it in the bad of a pick up truck.  Easy to transport to the clubs.  Please don't hesitate to ask any questions.   I will do my best to answer them and send any additional requested photos. 

Was last steamed up on Mar 31, 2016.  Here are the videos:

Price: $13,750
  Located in Plains, PA   
Contact me.


For Sale:  7.25" ga. Mack Railbus



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This is a 7.25"ga mack railbus.  The railbus has a new wooden body, with 2 removable roof panels.   Removing the rear panel reveals the gas engine, while the throttle and brake cable levers are under the front.  The transmission is operated by a pull/push type handle that sticks through the roof.  The railbus is made to be sat upon to operate.   It has one foot peg on the left side.  The right side is missing.  The side windows have a sheet of glass on both sides.  It does have a coupler in the back, however it is missing the knuckle part.  The engine ran years back, but no longer runs.   I couldn't get spark out of it.   I tried cleaning the points but that didn't help.  It is safe to assume you will need a new donor engine (New 3-5 hp gas engines are relatively cheap).   Or this could be the perfect engine for an electric conversion.   Feel free to ask any questions.  

Asking $750  Located in Plains, PA   More pictures available upon request. . 
Contact me.


For Sale:  7.25" ga. Steam Locomotive Project



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7.25" ga steam locomotive project.   This project came out of the garage of a machinist/train enthusiast.   It is supposedly entirely homemade.  He passed away and never finished it.  I know nothing about it other than what you see in the pictures.  The sale includes a started chassis (looks to be a 0-4-4 ?  Not entirely sure.), extra driving wheel, second cylinder, 2 boxes of parts (containing rod parts, cylinder parts, etc, 2 stationary table top rollers to run the locomotive on air, trailing truck, as well as random wheel castings and tires.   Feel free to ask any questions or ask for any specific pictures.  

Asking $225  Located in Plains, PA   More pictures available upon request. . 
Contact me.



For Sale:  7.25" ga. Gas Powered Locomotive  



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This is a 7.25" gauge, 1.5" scale,  gas powered locomotive.   This engine is a barn find, and is still in as-is condition.   I had the intentions of playing around with it after I bought it, but other projects have taken priority.   It has a gas engine (unknown make) and a hydraulic drive.   There is a controller on the back of the engine with two switches.  They appear to be for the electric start and the electric bell.

The engine has a roughly 5" diameter bell mounted inside, and is struck by a relay controlled hammer. The cab has some details inside, such as seats, brake stands, electrical panels, etc.  

Feel free to message me with any questions.  More pictures available upon request.  Located in Plains, PA.    Asking $2,800. 


For Sale:  7.25" ga. Switcher Locomotive



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This is a 7.25" gauge, 1.5" scale gas locomotive.   The engine is either a 3 or 5 hp Briggs engine.  I'm not sure exactly which one it is because the entire engine was painted over.  The engine was freshly painted in the winter of 2014, and run for the first time since getting painted in April 2015.   We used it a handful of times for parties this past summer 2015.  It has a three way transmission (F/N/R), throttle, and brake lever.   A spare belt is also included with the engine.   Feel free to message me with any questions.  

More pictures available upon request.   

$2,000. Located in Forty Fort, PA. Contact me.   SOLD   


For Sale:  7.25" ga. Loco, Tender and 3 Cars



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This sale is a five piece set consisting of the engine, tender, auxiliary water tank car, 2 seat passenger car, and work caboose.  


The engine was last run in our backyard in October 2014.  Prior to that it mostly ran at the Adirondack Live Steamers track in New York.  This engine is a work horse, capable of hauling heavy passenger loads up steep grades without hesitation.   I feel it is a good engine for beginners to learn on, because even at only 50 pounds of steam it was still able to pull the train around the track without issues.  It is very forgiving when you throw too much water at it or disrupt the fire too much, something my 1.5" scale mogul isn't.  I absolutely love running the engine, but feel it is time to sell.   I moved and no longer have the track to run it on, or the time to take it to any clubs.  It doesn't do me any good sitting in my garage, so hopefully someone else can buy her and enjoy her as much as I did.     



Standard Features

Sweet Creek 2-6-0

Slide Valve Cylinders 3" (76mm) x 4" 100mm) stroke
Drive Wheels 10" (250mm) diameter
Pony and Tender Wheels 6" (150mm) diameter
Overall Length (loco&tender) 160" (4000mm) diameter
Overall Width (loco&tender) 28" (712mm) diameter
Overall Height (loco&tender) 42" (1066mm) diameter
Water Leg Style Boiler 120 psi pressure, 10" (250mm) diameter
Valve Gear Walschaerts
Minimum Radius Curve 40' (12 m), 60' (18 m) recommended
Weight of Locomotive 1540 lbs. (700kg) (in working order)

  • 3 - 3/4" scale
  • Built of the finest materials 
  • Spacious, ride in tender
  • Coal fired
  • Free steaming Water Legs style boiler
  • 120 psi operating pressure
  • Superscale injector
  • Axle pump
  • Steam powered water pump 
  • 12 Volt electric backup water pump in tender 
  • manual cylinder cocks
  • plumbed so you can hook up an air compressor line and use the internal blower when firing up
  • operating head light
  • 2 lubricators (one for each side)
  • electric air brakes on tender
  • manual brake lever on locomotive 
  • scale coupler on rear of tender   
  • Engine has a blind center driver.  Ran on my track with 35' radius curves without issues. 

The tank car is functional and can hook up to the tender to act as an auxiliary water tender.  I usually kept it full just for extra weight, as the engine seemed to steam much better under a load.   The end of the tank car that hooks to the tender has a scale sized coupler, while the opposite end has a draw-bar type coupler connection. 

The passenger car has 2 removable roof sections and 2 opening doors, allowing 2 passengers to sit comfortably inside with plenty of room.   This car has draw-bar style coupling connectors at both ends.  

The work caboose has a single seat, with a storage area accessible via a removable roof panel.   This car is also equipped with electric brakes, and the tank and battery are located under the seat.   This car also has draw-bar style connectors.  

Included accessories are:
  • screw apart flue brush 
  • custom lifting jack setup with lifting straps for re-railing the cars
  • removable funnel smokestack (I personally never liked the look of this, so I never had it on.) 
  • all original blueprints and construction photos from the original builder
  • 2 bottles of lsb-8000 water additive 
  • miscellaneous oils and oil cans


Price is $30,000  for everything.   $33,000 for everything re-gauged to 7.5" Located in Plains, PA.









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