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For Sale:  4.75" ga. 1" Scale Little Engines 0-4-0


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1" scale little engines 0-4-0 which I acquired in a trade. I'm selling this engine because I've acquired a much bigger locomotive in 1.5" scale, there are no 4-3/4 tracks close to me, and I no longer have the time to finish this one. Comes with Riding Car.


-Two Safeties set for 100 and 105
-PM Research Whistle
-Hand Pump in Tender, Axle Pump on Loco
-Mechanical Lubricator
-Automatic Cylinder Cocks
-Headlight (which does have a bulb but is not wired, light is presently removed to prevent damage in shipping to me)
-Stainless Steel Grates
-New Copper Boiler
-Comes with Blower Fan, Firing Irons, and Footpegs for the tender.
-Riding Car

The Bad: This engine was damaged in shipping to me, which kinked the cab and broke the front pilot beam (I have the pieces and the coupler). She needs to be re-plumbed as the builder tried to thread copper tubing and many of the joints where the fittings come together are weak because of this. She needs a new boiler check valve also, the old one's check ball had rusted to it's seat as it did not have a stainless ball, and the copper tubing going into it leaked and was cracked. All of this could be fixed over the winter.

The Good:  There is no damage to the boiler or running gear. The boiler is brand new, and is sound, all threaded bushings are OK. Engine turns over freely, but I have not run her because of the plumbing issues. The engine is practically brand new with very little run time. She was only test steamed once or twice by her builder. 

All in all she's not a bad little engine, a few battle scars but nothing that couldn't be put right over the winter. A diamond in the rough, so to speak.
 She's priced to sell at $3,500 or best reasonable offer, riding car, blower, and firing irons included. The Lift Table it's sitting on can be purchased for an additional $200. Located in Albany, N.Y. Buyer must either pick up the engine, or arrange and pay for the shipping. I could deliver within a reasonable distance for an additional fee.



For Sale:  7.25" ga. Allen Wabash Mogul  



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7.25" Gauge Allen Models Wabash Mogul. Recent issues force me to sell. I purchased this engine from the family of a member of the New Jersey Live Steamers who had passed away, and had originally started building this engine but never finished it.

The Engine needs TLC and some components remade particularly in the valve gear before it can hit the rails. The Engineer's side rear driving wheel is loose on the axle, which can be remedied with Loctite-638. I have New Smokebox Castings on the way for this engine and are included because the original builder messed up the originals.

On the plus side, when I bought the engine I tested it on air and it did run, only in reverse, but it ran. Part of the valvegear issue is not being able to go into forward because the dieblocks snag in the links.

The Boiler is in brand new (new old stock as it was built in the late 80's early 90's), only fired once for testing. It's Steel with Stainless Steel tubes, the shell is 5/16" . The Firebox is the normal square top Allen Models version. Has Grates and an ashpan. The boiler will need new jacketing because the old one was not done very nicely.

There is a completed tender that needs permenant copper feedwater plumbing to replace the rubber hoses temporarily fitted. For fittings the Engine has a Superscale Economy Injector, Superscale valves on the Turret, Superscale 5 chime whistle, Locoparts Safety Valves, Locoparts sight glass assembly, Locoparts Handpump, Locoparts Mechanical Lubricator, and the conventional Allen Models Axle Pump.

Comes with the Hydraulic Lift Cart for the Loco and the Cart for the Tender, plus a full set of plans and blueprints. At the present time the boiler is off of the Chassis so I could diagnose the valvegear problems, it also makes it a bit easier to move things around. It really breaks my heart to have to sell this engine, underneath her few problems she's got a lot of potential, But that's life. My loss is your gain. An experienced gent can make her a runner in a few month's work.

I'm asking $7,500 for her. I'm willing to ship this engine if it is arranged by the buyer, or I can deliver it within a reasonable distance for an additional fee. She's located in Albany, NY.   SOLD


For Sale:  7.25"/7.5" ga. Cannonball Boxcab


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Ready to run 7.25" gauge (re-gauge-able) Cannonball Boxcab, Painted Unlettered, practically brand new. It was kit built by the former owner and used very little. It is fully outfitted with the controller, electro-mechanical bell, horn, headlights, and two Interstate Deep Cycle marine batteries are included. I tested it and it does indeed work. Bell Horn and Lights work too. 

Comes with hydraulic lift table.. Sorry I do not have a battery charger for it. Be ready for summer with this little beauty!

Asking $4,500.  Reduced to $3,500     Located in Albany, NY. Can be picked up, shipping can be arranged, or I can deliver it for a fee.  SOLD .


For Sale:  4.75" ga. New York Central Class S Electric  



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 Very nicely detailed, ready to run 1" scale 4.75" gauge New York Central Class S Electric, built from Richard Chiaparreli's plans featured in Live Steam Magazine. Very tastefully done, and rarely modelled! I personally have not seen another one in 1" scale. It is presently painted but is unlettered, though it comes with the Stencilling should you decide to letter it for New York Central, Powered by two Lawn Tractor Batteries. Comes with batteries, charging cord, home made controller, riding car with archbar trucks and two seat boxes, and the hydraulic lift table it sits upon. Formerly ran at New Jersey Live Steamers. I tested it and it does indeed work.

Asking $5,500    Reduced to $3,500   for the complete outfit. Just in time for summer!
Located in Albany, NY. Can be picked up, shipping can be arranged, or I can deliver for a fee.  SOLD .









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