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For Sale:  15 Motorola Two-Way Radios 


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Club and Track owners ! 15 Motorola Two-Way Radios with advertised range of up to 5 miles. They all have Motorola lapel speaker/microphones and chargers. All have new batteries just purchased and installed. They are hard pre-programmed with 3 GMRS (16,18 and 20) channels that use the high power output for longer range. They also have 1-7 FRS channels with do not use as much battery power. All are in good working condition with minor scratches. They are changed and ready to dispatch your trains. 15 copies of the owners manual are also included. These radios are compatible with other FRS radios using the above listed channels. Will not sell separately.

$1,500. Shipping included. Bloomington, Indiana  Contact me   SOLD 









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