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For Sale:  NEW 7.x" ga. Boxcar

 Reduced to $742



Full scale prototype.

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7.x" boxcar is made of a 1" angle iron frame, with all of the roof and walls made of 18 gauge steel, and is new construction. The roof is hinged providing plenty of storage, with the floor being made of 1/2" plywood with 4 coats of Rustoleum oil base paint. The walls inside have the same paint. The exterior is painted with auto grade enamel, and is top-coated with flat clear enamel. The rusty spots are quite intentional, and I'll explain how they came to pass if you are interested. Just know they are paint, not rust! The doors Do Not Slide. All of the graffiti is custom, and it is modeled after the real car (shown).

Dimensions are as follows:

Length Overall 74"
Width 17 1/4" outside the door levers
Height 21 1/4" from the railhead
Weight less trucks and couplers appr 100 lbs

It is set up for MCC/Titan trucks and couplers or equivalent. THE TRUCKS AND COUPLERS IN THE PHOTOS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE, which is actually cheaper for the buyer, since Titan ships them for free, I can't match that shipping price when they are included.

I will palletize, pad, plastic wrap, and deliver to the Tucson Old Dominion terminal for an added $40.00. 

$825. Reduced to $742  Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs. Located in Sierra Vista, AZ.  Contact me.



For Sale:  1.6" Scale Caboose

 Reduced to $1,655


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This caboose is modeled loosely on a late 1940’s/ early 1950’s model used by the Missouri Pacific. It is all steel  construction and the dimensions are as follows:

  Length of enclosed portion       48”
  Length of roofline                     60”
  Overall length                           66”
  Width at roofline                      16”
  Overall height                           23 Ύ” from the rail head

The trucks and couplers are brand new from Titan Trains. There is a  commercial truck grade red ½” LED mounted at the rear that is visible from 200’ easily, and a 3 LED amber light inside. These lights have individual toggle switches. The inside is painted white to maximize interior lighting, and all of the windows have a warm glow in the dark. The switches for both lights are mounted under the rear-end roof  sill, and it has a brand new lawn tractor battery mounted inside, with a ‘box’ built of steel to keep things where they should be.

The windows are Plexiglas, ‘frosted’ on the inside with flat clear paint to give them a translucent look, while lending to the use of the amber LED’s. there are also several 3/32” X Ύ” long strips of red  reflective tape (also commercial truck grade) placed between the upper white stripes on the sides as well as the ends, making use of other light sources for further safety.

All of the hand rails are 3/32” steel. The sheet metal is all 18 gauge, and the frame is constructed of 1” angle   iron. The 1”X2” box tube runs from end to end for stability, and this is a very nice rolling caboose. The front roof section is removable for battery access, with the smokestack constructed of ½” steel round stock.  All of the roof ribs are ½” by 1/8” flat stock.

Price: $1,950.  Reduced to $1,655  Approximate weight is 160 lbs. I will ship at the buyers expense, with a $40.00 pallet fee. I prefer Old Dominion, as I have had the best luck with them as far as service, overall cost, and prompt shipping times, and I will deliver it to the Tucson O.D. for no additional charge. Located in Sierra Vista, AZ.  Contact me.  


For Sale:  1.6" Scale TTX Flatcar   



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This TTX flat car is all steel construction and is set up for MCC/ Titan trucks and couplers. The deck is 18 gauge steel from end to end, and the frame is 1" angle. The side plates are 3/16" steel, with a 1/8th X 1 1/4" steel plate on the top edge. all of the markings are accurate, and tie down eyes are located on all 4 corners, with every gusset also having a tie down ring installed.

Dimensions are as follows:

Deck length: 72"
Overall length: 73 1/2"
Width: 17 1/2"

This cars center section will be approx.' 1" above the rail head when trucks are installed, and is 38" long, with a 2 1/8" drop.

$650.  Reduced to $585  I can deliver to the Tucson Old Dominion terminal for no additional charge, but require a $40 pallet fee. Buyer pays all shipping costs as well. Located in Sierra Vista, AZ.  Contact me.  


For Sale:  1.6" Scale Southern Pacific Flatcar



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7.x" gauge (your choice) This Southern Pacific flat car is, fabricated with a 1" X2" box tube as the 'backbone, and has a 1" angle frame, with 3/16" side plates. The stake pockets are welded on. The road markings are commercial truck grade vinyl, and there is a coat of clear flat enamel over them as well. The deck was made with 1" X2" boards cut to length, then sanded, stained with mahogany stain, then covered with 2 coats of urethane prior to installing them on the car, and another coat of urethane was applied once they were installed. There is plenty of steel under them to mount seats, or whatever you like.

The dimensions are as follows:

Deck: 72"
Overall length: 75"
Width: 16 1/4"

It is set up for MCC/Titan truck and couplers. Safety chains are installed as well. While this car is not museum-quality, is a very good rendition of post-steam rolling stock, and will look good in any consist.

$475.  Reduced to $427  I can deliver to the Tucson Old Dominion terminal for no additional charge, but require a $40 pallet fee. Buyer pays all shipping costs as well. Located in Sierra Vista, AZ.  Contact me.  


For Sale:  7.5" ga. Narrow Gauge Davenport  



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 This is a 2 1/2" inch scale davenport style of locomotive, electric powered. The chassis is 1/4" X  6" plate steel throughout, and the axles, wheels (5" diameter), bearings, bearing blocks, sprockets, and spring sets are all RMI.  The controller is from Roy at 'Ride Trains', a proven controller, and a hand held unit second to none. The 2 Marine Grade batteries are brand new as is the electric motor, a 1/3 HP gear reduction motor with the final output at 500 RPM. The sound card is as provided from Ride Trains, and there is also a low end power amp, hooked to two aluminum cased bookshelf speakers. Not the best sound out there, but adequate. The Dual headlights are LED, and shine down the track an easy 25', with a broad expanse on either side of the track.

I will also provide a new 24 volt, 1.6 amp charger that automatically selects whether it needs to charge, and if so, will then switch to charge mode until the amps are as they should be. The MoPac Eagles are not perfect, nor is the paint, but it is a dependable, believable rendering of a workhorse. This has seen enough track to stretch the chains and test everything, but that's the extent. Chains were adjusted after testing, so it is ready to go.

Both the controller connector and the charging jack are hard mounted to the control stand inside the cab. This locomotive has been tested and pulls nicely, and should pull up to 5 cars easily.

The dimensions are as follows:

Overall length: 43" including the draw bar
Body Length: 36"
Overall width: 20"
Overall height: 27"
Weight: 180 LBS (APPR) 

I will provide the owners manual for the controller with directions for programming the sound as well.
Local pick preferred, but I can ship if necessary.

Price is $3,250  Reduced to $3,000 with shipping paid by the buyer. $40.00 pallet fee. Located in Sierra Vista, AZ. Keep in mind this is heavy, so shipping could be pricey. Contact me




For Sale:  1.6" Scale Gondola



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This gondola is made from 18 gauge steel sheet, with all of the ribs made from 1/2" angle. The frame is 1" angle, with a 1"x2" box tube the length of the car. There are 7 total cross members, and 3 more 1/8"x1" steel straps the length of the floor. The floor is 5/8" ply, with a generous coat of undercoating.
 The coupler pins are 2" from the end, and the bolster pins are 9 1/2" to accept Tom Bee MFCT trucks. It will track well with standard truck on curves over 15' radius. The bolster plate is 3/8"x2" steel, so any Tom Bee or comparable truck will fit nicely.

Safety chain eyes are installed. No Trucks or couplers provided.

$700.  Reduced to $384  Shipping is at the buyers expense with a $40.00 pallet fee. Located in Sierra Vista, AZ.  Contact me.    SOLD  


For Sale:  1.6" Scale "Shorty" Tanker



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It is 'True Orange' and the Minute Maid markings are down to the letter accurate, for an orange juice can that is. Features split in the top walkways, rail posts, safety chains.  The walkways are perforated steel plate.

Tank care is 1.6" scale, all steel.  Dimensions are as follows: Tank Diameter: 14" Tank Length: 34" Overall Length: 38" Weight: 70 LBS (approx.). It is set up for Tom Bee trucks and couplers (not included.  

$650. Shipping is at the buyers expense with a $40.00 pallet fee. Located in Sierra Vista, AZ.  Contact me.    SOLD  









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