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For Sale:  Craftsman & Kobalt Tool Chests


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Craftsman tool chest. 7 drawers. $325.

KOBALT tool chest. 11 drawers. $350.

Shipping is not an option. Pick up in Clermont, FL. Contact me.


For Sale:  12" Atlas Craftsman Lathe



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12" Atlas Craftsman lathe. Includes lots of extras - 5" 3 jaw & 8" 4 jaw chucks, steady rest, milling attachment, face plate, 1-1/2"-8 spindle drill chuck, #2 MT drill chuck, #2 MT center, tool holders, extra gears & half nut, carriage stop, collet rod, wrenches, manuals, and woodturning tool rests.

$1,500. Shipping is not an option. Pick up in Clermont, FL.  SOLD  .


For Sale:  7.5" ga. Switcher & Engineer's Car 



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 7.5" gage switcher & engineer car. 24 volt system. Includes batteries (1 year old) and two controllers. Engineer car has storage under seat - seat box can be placed in different positions along car.

$3,800.  Dundee, FL Contact me.









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