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For Sale:  T2 Semaphore Signal


The 2 images above are examples only.  These are not the unit being offered.

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Santa Fe style T2 semaphore signal made by the Union switch & signal company. Patent dated on motor 1914. This signal is in good used condition and now out of service after 80 years in service on the RR. Takes 10 volt D.C. power supply to operate / energize it and runs like a Swiss watch. Mechanism weighs 350 pounds, spectacle about another 65 so very heavy item.

Includes operating mechanism, spectacle, 3 roundels in red, yellow, green and wood blade, electric D type cast iron box lamp, and mounting support bracket, 12 feet tall signal mast mounting pole with bell base for this signal and a 5 inch diameter post and tall pinnacle that fits on top of the signal mast pole. Al you need to put up a back yard or RR train signal display.

$2,500. Can be picked up locally (Texas) or trucked via truck freight. Some assembly required.  Contact me   SOLD   










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