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For Sale:  Complete 7.5" ga. D&RG #50 & Car & Track  

Reduced to $5,000


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  The Train

I have a start to a 7.5'' ga. D&RG #50. This is completely scratch built by me starting with a sheet of 1'' steel plate. The engine is a 5.5hp electric start Honda with an Eaton #7 hydrostatic transmission. Body is made from 1/8'' aluminum sheet.  This loco is heavy and a real stump puller. Included is the loop of track around my one acre home with turntable included.

The riding car is all aluminum and weighs less than fifty pounds minus trucks and couplers. The car has Wright Railworks 2-1/2" scale trucks under it for this price if bought together. Would separate.

The Track   SOLD

Approximately 800 feet of bar track welded to steel ties with one switch leading to the turntable. Very strong and flush with the ground (I drive over it with a big tractor all the time). Rail is 1/2"-1" flat steel bar and ties are 1/4"-2" flat steel bar. It will never wear out. I will sell the track and train separately.

Track, no cars: $2,000   SOLD   It is a solid ribbon with only a few joints and I can torch to cut into sections.



Track and Train Together: $12,000  Locomotive & Riding Car Reduced to $5,000 . Pics and videos available. East of Tyler TX Contact me.


For Sale:  Grizzly 7'' x 12'' Lathe



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Grizzly 7''x 12'' lathe and all tooling

$400  Reduced to $350.  No shipping - pick up only. Gladewater Texas. Contact me.



For Sale:  Two Miller Welding Machines



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Syncrowave 500 is a beast with 625 amps of AC/DC high frequency power. CK flexlock 25' 250 amp water cooled torch and Bernard cooling system. Foot pedal control Dual bottle racks.
$3,500 Reduced to $3000.

Syncrowave 200 with all the bells and whistles and a 150 amp air cooled torch with foot pedal control.
$2,000Reduced to $1750 .

$5,500 Reduced to $4500 for the pair. Will separate. Discount if bought together. No shipping - pick up only.. Gladewater Texas. Contact me.


For Sale:  Victor 16''x 60'' Engine Lathe

Reduced to $7000


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 Victor 16''x 60'' engine lathe a real workhorse and easy to use 220 volt three phase that I run off a rotary converter. Good shape and still in use but want to downsize. I have used this machine for years in the live steam hobby and it has never let me down.

$8,000 Reduced to $7000 .  No shipping - pick up only. Gladewater Texas. Contact me.









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