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For Sale:  15" ga. Oil Fired Shay  


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 3 inch scale 3 cylinder oil fired Shay.  Last run was 2008.  In try storage ever since.  It's been cleaned and painted.  It's missing the sand dome cover, headlight and cab roof.  Engine needs to be put back together and piping installed and cylinders.  It does have a code boiler made in Agoura California in 1982.

Engine is 10' 4" long, 24" wide and 38" to the top of the stack.  Appromiate weight is 1,500 lbs.  Tender is 37" long and 24" wide.

$18,000 or best offer.  Located in Massachussetts.  Contact me.


For Sale:  14" ga. Hurlbut Steam Outline


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14" ga. 1947 Hurlbut steam outline train. Engine and 4 cars. Have all the trucks and couplers. Engine has not run in a long time and will need restoring. Cars are in primer along with tender. Comes with approx. 1,000 feet of track and one switch. Engine is very heavy, approx. 1 ton.

$20,000.  Pick up only. Shipping is not an option. Located in Massachusetts.   Contact me.


For Sale:  10-1/4 ga. 4-4-0 American in 3" Scale


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10-1/4 gauge 4-4-0 American locomotive, 3 inch scale. Engine has been cleaned and repainted. Needs steam dome jacket and sand dome dressed out. Comes with gondola and flat car and Bobber caboose. Also misc extra axles and wheels. Couplers are link and pin and engine has steam brakes. Has not been fired in 6 years. runs on coal and tender has been all redone. Have many detail pictures of cab inside etc. Rail available also at additional price.

$20,000.  Pick up only. Shipping is not an option. Located in Massachusetts.   Contact me.


For Sale:  6 MTC (Miniature Train Co.) Crossing Signals & Castings  


Six MTC Crossing Signals



MTC Crossing Signal Castings

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6 MTC (Miniature Train Co.) Crossing Signals

Six crossing signals, One is repainted and others need restoring, Some missing box with operating mechanism or can be upgraded to led and solid state.

$6,000. Would like to sell as package. Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs. Delivery possible East of Mississippi River. Massachusetts.  Contact me.

MTC (Miniature Train Co.) Crossing Signal Castings

Crossing signal light castings and two mast to light post fixtures. All in nice shape, Parts for four complete targets with shades. targets are original will need refinishing, shades are new reproduction. will need to be fitted and tacked to targets. also two new reproduction targets already drilled, then two more targets right outer diameter but inner hole is smaller, can easily be enlarged.

$500. Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs. Massachusetts.   Contact me


For Sale:  2 MTC (Miniature Train Co.) Block Signals  


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Miniature Train Co Block Signals. These are all cast aluminum except for post. Easy to restore. will include lenses in both signals. Will need to rewire and update.

$2,000. Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs.


For Sale:  10" ga. Ottaway Handcar



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10" gauge Ottaway hand car. Item is in good condition. needs restoration.
one seat railing needs brazing. missing one end bumper. 

$600. Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs. Located in Nantucket, Massachussetts.  Contact me.









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