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For Sale:  7.25" ga. Steam Outline Train
(Business Opportunity)

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A Business Opportunity.

A 7.25" ga. gasoline powered Canadian Pacific Steam Locomotive, The Royal Hudson 4-6-4, ready for an amusement park attraction or hobbyist.

The benefits of a gasoline powered loco provides:

- a turn key instant 9 horse power
- safer and reliable
- easy to operate
- stays clean and driver
- boiler certificate not necessary

This loco is equipped with an Eaton hydrostatic transmission. Also a compressed air system and a working bell, etc. The loco is 15.5 feet long, and 32 inches high. All wheels are 1 inch thick, making this 7.25" able to run on 7.5" gauge (7.5" ga. switch frogs not withstanding).

Watch the video: 


$55,000 CND. Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs. Will deliver within 70 mile radius. Near Toronto, Ontario, Canada  Contact me.









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