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For Sale:  Turnmaster 18 x 60 Lathe

 Reduced to $12,000

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Turnmaster 18 x 60 lathe. In excellent condition not used much. Accurite digital readout. 3 and 4 jaw Buck chucks. Aloris tool post and several tool holders. Live center and drill chuck all included. This is a big lathe perfect for wheels and smoke box doors etc. Very accurate for a big machine.

$16,000. Reduced to $12,000  Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs or pick up in Sherwood, Oregon. Contact me.


For Sale:  Proto Trak 1440 Lathe


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Proto trak 1440 lathe. Manual and CNC. Comes with Aloris tool post and several holders. Live center and 1/2" drill chuck. Royal collet closer, 3 jaw and small and large 4 jaw Buck chucks. Not used much and in excellent condition. Very cool machine. It can be run manually as a conventional lathe or programed to do more complex work. Has "do one" capability which allows the operator to run it manually and do single operations CNC such as fillet radius's then go back to manual operation. Easy to program.

$16,000. Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs or pick up in Sherwood, Oregon.   SOLD  .



For Sale:  Hardinge HLVH Tool Room Lathe



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Hardinge HLVH tool room lathe. Finest lathe in the world. No longer produced. This one is in excellent condition. I bought it new and have taken very good care of it. Not a lot of use. Aloris tool post and holders. 6 jaw precision chuck, collet closer, live centers, drill chucks, accurite DRO. A dream to operate and very accurate

$27,000. Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs or pick up in Sherwood, Oregon.    SOLD  









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