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For Sale: Nathan Sight Glass



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Complete Nathan boiler sight glass/water glass. Marked "Nathan" on back and "C 9" on front. Body measures 14" tall (glass is 13 1/2").

$250. Shipping included. Bendena Kansas.  Contact me  SOLD 


For Sale: Colorado & Southern Pullman Car



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 Colorado & Southern Pullman.

1906 Pullman built Colorado & Southern passenger coach, C&S 543
Colorado & Southern standard gauge passenger car No. 543. Built by Pullman in 1906, steel underframe added by the C&S in the 1920's.

Complete car. Interior is gutted and body needs restoration.

$7,500. Boulder Colorado. Buyer is responsible for moving from present location. Must be moved within 6 months of purchase.    SOLD  .


For Sale: General Electric 80 Ton Diesel  Standard Gauge



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  General Electric 80 ton Diesel Locomotive

General Electric 80 ton diesel locomotive, serial No. 32372, built December 1955 for Public Service Company of Colorado. Rebuilt in 1986.

Complete and operational, excellent wheels, solid bearings, 26L brakes. #3 traction motor is bad, air horns are missing 

$17,500.  Boulder Colorado. Buyer is responsible for moving locomotive from present location. Must be moved within 6 months of purchase.    SOLD   









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