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For Sale:  7.5" ga. Narrow ga. 10-Wheeler  

 Reduced to $45,000


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Nearly New!   2 1/2" Narrow Gauge  10 wheeler  (7 1/2")

After taking over 7 years to build, finished in April 2015.

Featuring a 12" Wagon top boiler by Marty Knox, 8 3/4"

Drivers, center drivers blind allowing tight radius turns, side rods are nickel plated, The pilot (Cower Catcher) and Cab are all steel framed under solid oak.  Accessories included are two super scale injectors, axel pump and hand pump. 5 chime whistle, Lots of brass accents and custom paint. The square head lamp adds to the 1887 Look. This engine has 2  3/4  X 4" Stroke  for plenty of power. 
The sale will include this just under 7 foot Stock car x22" wide with 4 propane Tanks running 2 & 2 for multi day operations.  Inside the fuel car is a tool box with tools, all the firing supplies, grease gun and oils. includes a re-railer bar with adjustments for easy re railing.  The riding gondola is 6 1/2 foot long also steel framed with oak siding  Heavy duty 2 1/2" trucks  The two Back hoe seats fold down and are adjustable recline The car also has 4 retractable foot pegs and custom cover.

Because of my age and my whole family moving to TEXAS  They tell me I must now  retire from the Live Steam Hobby. This is a great Locomotive and built first class.  Please e-mail me with any questions.  

$55,000.  Reduced to $45,000  Shipping is not an option. Stored in Riverside California at RLS. Contact me.


For Sale:  7.5" ga. 2.5" scale RMI Switcher



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  2-1/2" scale, 7-1/2" gauge 65 Ton Electric Switcher (RMI) two 24 volt motors runs on 2, 4, or 6- 12 volt batteries. Has 4 in it now. Sound System, + 24 volt charger. Dynamic breaking.

Includes 6-1/2' gondola with 2 seats. This engine is stored in Ridgecrest California. I have moved to Texas in Jan 2016 e-mail me and we can talk about it.

$6,000. Shipping is not an option. Ridgecrest California.   SOLD .









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