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For Sale:  Patent Model "Pitman" 



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Rare, old patent model demonstrating pitman (device for converting motion) designed by Solon O. Campbell of Van Wert, Iowa. His design was patented July 4, 1882. You can read the original patent and view a lithograph here:

 The following dimensions are approximate. Wood base for the model is 11" x 7". The flywheels are 5" in diameter and 4" apart. The bore is 1" and stroke is 1.5". There is a paper certificate glued to the wood base, but it is very difficult to read; however, the patent number is legible. The model does move freely, but there is a wobble to the left flywheel. Painted on the wood frame is the following inscription: "PITMAN. PAT'D, JUL 4th 1882. You can leave the model as-in with its original patina or you can polish it to resemble a showman's engine.

$795. Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs. Cleveland, OH. 


For Sale:  "Chicago" Hydrostatic Lubricator  

 Reduced to $295

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Hydrostatic Chicago Lubricator.

Medium hydrostatic lubricator manufactured by Chicago Lubricator Company, Detroit Michigan. Manufacturer's name is stamped in one location on the lubricator. Additionally, the number 302973 is stamped after the manufacturer's name, The item measures approximately 10" x 6" and weighs approximately 5 pounds and will ship from ZIP code 44120.

$395. Reduced to $295 Crating & shipping charges not included. Cleveland, OH. Contact me.








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