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For Sale:  New 7.5" or 7.25" ga. West Cost Rail & Accessories 


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Here I have a total of 940 ft. of West Coast rail (1" tall 1/2" head 15/16 foot.) 640 feet of the rail is bent for a 50 foot radius. This would make a total circle. And the rest is 300 feet of straight track. All this rail is New never used. Also with the sale of the rail I have 94 rail joiners and two #8 frogs.

$1,050.  YOU arrange shipping if necessary. I will help with loading or what ever it takes to load if you supply the shipper. I can also deliver for a fee. I live near Columbia, SC.  Contact me.


For Sale:  7.5" ga. Allen Chloe 0-4-2


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This is a Allen Chloe 0-4-2 Coal Fired AND Engineer's car. 7.5 gauge.  I bought this from a guy down in Naples FL. He had it tested and was running when I bought it a little over two years ago. I was planning to strip the paint and polish all the brass. Has been sitting in my garage ever since. Never had it running since or even know how to fire it up. It's only collecting dust. Engineers car has place for coal and a water tank on the back that didn't get hooked up. The tank still needs painting.

I can grate up for a fee but have no contacts for a shipping company. Would be happy to load on your truck or a shipping company you supply. Could deliver, depending on distance, for a fee.

$6,200. Reduced to $5500   Buyer arranges and pays for shipping. Lexington, SC.  Contact me   SOLD  









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