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For Sale:  7.5" ga. Narrow Ga. Mich-Cal Shay   

  Sale Pending 

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Bill Harris designed Mich-Cal Shay.  I enlarged the size to 2.5" Scale to run NG on 7-1/2" track. It's big and strong. Loco weighs about 400 pounds and comes with its roll around work/storage stand.  Boiler was hydroed at 400 psi when built and checked at 150 psi each year.  A Duplex pump on running board acts as feed water supply.  Two butterfly re-railers come with loco but have never been needed.  Fuel is coal on stainless steel grate.  Engineer's cushion seat comes with loco. Two safeties set at 100 psi on top of "T" boiler along with a whistle.  110 volt starting  blower is included. Loco is about 15 years old.  A bottle of LSB 8000 boiler treatment comes with loco.

$10,000. Located near Troy, TN 100 miles North of Memphis, TN.  Contact me.

  Sale Pending 


For Sale:  7.5" ga. Falk #1 Logging Locomotive   

 Reduced to $2,000 OBO


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Falk #1 built from Bill Harris' plans in Live Steam and Outdoor Magazine.  7-1/2" gauge and a good runner but needs basically level track as it does not like long uphill grades. Comes with a riding/water /fuel car as shown. Car has axle pumps. An 11 pound propane tank comes with loco as well as a 6 volt stack blower for building up steam and a bottle of LSB 8000 boiler treatment. Local kids liked to operate it on track in front yard.

$4,000.  Reduced to $2,000 OBO  Located near Troy, TN 100 miles North of Memphis, TN. 



For Sale:  7.5" ga. Filer & Stowell Logging Locomotive 

 Reduced to $3,500 firm 

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Filer and Stowell Logging Locomotive as featured in LSOR magazine. 7-1/2" gauge. Oscillating cylinders. Propane burner. High capacity hand pump. Superscale injector, axle pump, steam jam brakes, Steel cab with roof. Two re-railers on side of tender. Seat cushion that sits on tender.  Comes with one bottle of LSB8000 boiler treatment and a roll around locomotive stand. Also included are the original factory blueprints used for tender and foundry patterns for the set of wheels.

$6,000  Reduced to $3,500 firm  Located near Troy, TN 100 miles North of Memphis, TN.  Contact me.


For Sale:  7.5" ga. 4-4-0 American from RR Supply


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Railroad Supply Co. American built 1992. 7-1/2" gauge. Steel Boiler hydro tested 400 psi when built and last tested 2014.. High Capy. Hand pump. 2 crosshead pumps, burns propane or coal. Also included is a wooden gondola, Cannonball arch bar trucks w/vacuum brakes.  Loco has steam jam brakes. One cushion for engineer.  Comes with roll around work stand and one bottle of  LSB 8000 boiler treatment.

$10,000  Reduced to $8,000 OBO  Located near Troy, TN 100 miles North of Memphis, TN. 



For Sale:  7.5" ga.  "Newbie" locomotive

 Reduced to $3,500 OBO

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7-1/2" gauge "Newbie" loco as shown in LSOR magazine. Twin cylinder oscillating engine with chain drive to both axles as well as feed water pump.. Bill Conner style boiler that will raise 80 psi steam in 8 minutes and 100 in less than ten minutes.  Boiler 10 inches in diameter. High Capacity hand pump and Superscale Economy injector. Boiler clad in walnut insulation. Steam/gas regulator throttles back fire to keep safeties from lifting.  Hand Brakes. Stack deflector keeps cylinder oil off engineer. Riding car not included. Loco weighs 305 pounds empty. Roll around work stand and one bottle of LSB 8000 boiler treatment included.

$8,000.  Reduced to $3,500 OBO  Located near Troy, TN 100 miles North of Memphis, TN.  Contact me.









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