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For Sale:  2.5" scale Foden Steam Truck

No Longer For Sale

Runs on air and uses propane gas with small bottle in truck bed. Builder Is unknown as well as construction history. Weight is around 130 lbs.  4ft length, 16" wide, excellent trim and wood detail Comes with custom wood carrying stand . Runs on air. I have not fired up the boiler but the boiler and all mechanical components seems to be in time and runs smoothly.

 $6,000.  Reduced to $5,600  Shipping & crating at buyers expense or pick it up in Boca Raton Florida..    No Longer For Sale



For Sale:  7.5" ga. 2.5" scale Shay & Tender




Shay 2.5" scale , 7.5" gauge class A steam locomotive *this is a large locomotive , L-70" Width-22", Height-30 "(500lbs) -2 truck , 2 cylinder 18 ton shay

  • propane fired

  • Mosley Pyle turbo generator

  •  lighting system

  • air brakes on loco & tender

  • steam air pump

  • steam lubricator & whistle

  • steam axle pump

  • locomotive prints included

Like new condition. Built by a top machinist in 1992 with limited run time from Bill Harris plans. Current owner since 6/2016. Runs great on air. Not fired up by new owner. Propane tank is not included. This locomotive has been meticulously constructed and is well built . I have a short video if it running on air.  Write me and I'll send that to you.


Wooden sturdy tender carrying propane tank with air brakes and seat .

Shay Locomotive with tender: $14,000


$16,500 for locomotive & tender (above) also caboose & extra set of trucks (below). I will not ship. Pick up in Boca Raton Florida only.  Contact me.



For Sale:  7.5" ga. 2.5" scale Trucks 




1 extra pair of heavy duty 2.5" trucks. For use on Narrow Gauge cars (not 1.5" scale).

$400. Buyer responsable for shipping quote and costs. I can drop off at UPS Store or pick up in Boca Raton Florida.  Contact me.



For Sale:  7.5" ga. 2.5" scale RMI Steel Work Caboose 


A brand new one (see RMI photo above) sells for $5,000!


7.5" ga. 2.5" scale Roll Models Steel Work Caboose.

This big caboose is like new with removeable oak deck.  All steel construction with detailed window frames and Train Mountain couplers.  L-80", W-20", H-36" weight-200 lbs.

Asking $3,100 for caboose along.  Owner will not ship. Pick up in Boca Raton Florida only.  Contact me.










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